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Fairytales ending
Fairytales ending
He pulls her close into his breast
His tears are now unbidden
She never knew just how he'd felt
He'd always kept it hidden
But now he vowed to let her know
Death be cursed and damned
It made no difference anymore
He sadly took her hand
"I love you" he said "and it tears me up
To think of all I've lost
Future hopes and dreams have died
That's far too great a cost"
"I'm sorry for my senseless pride
It's always been a wall
But if you'll just come back to me
I'd gladly watch it fall
What's hurts the most is knowing
My hand caused you pain and death
I will change, I promise you
Oh please just take a breath"
He felt somehow she's heard him
From within her hollow shell
He watched in sheer amazement
As her chest, it rose and fell
Slowly her eyelids fluttered
So great was his relief
The next words that she uttered
Brought joy beyond belief
"I love you" she said
"And that's something you've always known
You've never had to second guess
My love, I've always shown
You, until quit
:icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 0
Loves lament
Loves lament
He looked at her face so still
Thought God, what had he done
How could he just have let her die
They'd only just begun
He should have seen the warnings
He should have just been there
Surely when she'd passed away
She'd thought he didn't care
He teared up with emotion
He let the tears fall free
He thought about the love he'd lost
And all that wouldn't be
:icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 0
The death of love
The death of love
No regard for all her scars
He deftly turns the knife
Blind to all the pain he'd caused
Disbelieving of her strife
She bleeds and bleeds and tries to scream
He doesn't understand
I'm dying inside, she tries to say
He will not take her hand
He finally sees the urgency
As she pales before his eyes
He tries too late to save her
As she sputters coughs and dies
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Promise by trinitycrystal Promise :icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 2 1 self portrait by trinitycrystal self portrait :icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 3 Cyborgia by trinitycrystal Cyborgia :icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 1 Forest Faerie by trinitycrystal Forest Faerie :icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 1 Clone your lover by trinitycrystal Clone your lover :icontrinitycrystal:trinitycrystal 0 1

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United States
Current Residence: Sacramento, California

Ideally in life, one would have happiness.

Dreams would come true.

Only the past could cause regret.

Never looking back, one would embrace this new found joy.

The bonds of love would never be broken.

Unfortunate circumstances would never dare show their ugly faces.

Natural freedom would be the only thing felt.

Dear friends would remain forever at your side.

Every single thing that ever made you happy would coexist within your life.

Relationships with those you hold dear would remain intact.

Sometimes though, the story is more complex than it first would appear.

The trick is to try to see through the eyes of another.

All people have a unique view on the circumstances surrounding their existence.

No two people have the exact same opinion, though some are quite similar.

Discovery of past injuries repeating begin to become apparent.

Why does it never hurt less the second time around?

Harboring anything but good will for those you care for is abhorrent.

Yet all the good will in the world isn’t going to take the pain away.

What will it take for the pain to be expected in the future?

Any chance it would lessen the pain?

Sometimes what you want the very most is always just out of reach.

If one thinks logically, at least love exists for one party.

For one reason or another, circumstances never align properly.

One wishes only happiness, it’s true.

Rarely a day goes by that it doesn’t cross ones mind.

Surely fate is out to sabotage ones happiness.

About this resolution, one is feeling so conflicted.

Kindness shown in the past has been stealthily withdrawn.

Evidently, a promise once made has been undone.

No wish for happiness has ever hurt more.


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